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PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 4

Say Bye Swirl Marks And Scratches With Paint Correction At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC.

PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 3

What Is The Basic Meaning Of Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is a labor-intensive technique that uses the best refinishing equipment and abrasives to eliminate surface flaws, swirl marks, scratches, and water etchings.

PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 4

Paint correction aims to fix and eradicate flaws in a vehicle’s paint.

Reduce abrasions

Over time, water, chemicals, dust, and impurities degrade your car’s paintwork. It may lead to expensive issues such as corrosion and rust. A paint repair procedure can remove and protect against minor scratches.

Make the vehicle shine.

The paint will regain its shiny, moist look after polishing. Your car will seem more modern, youthful, vibrant, and vivid.

Enhance the value of your vehicle.

Damaged paint detracts from the vehicle’s look and, more importantly, diminishes its value. When your car gets a paint correction, it is just like driving a new car.

PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 1

Our Paint Correction Process

We will with the customer decide the stage of paint correction. Each phase will demand varying quantities of time, labour, and money.

Stage 1

Stage 1 paint correction will have many swirls and, at times, severe scratches removed. Deep scuffs may need wet sanding. Multiple buffing rounds might be required. The completion of Stage 1 paint correction could take anywhere up to 12 hours depending on the state on the car to begin with.

Stage 2

In the second step, the paint will now only have a few minor swirls and minor scratches. In this stage the pads and compounds are not as abrasive as they focus on continue from stage 1 but helping to transition to final polish stage.

Stage 3

At stage 3 the car is in reasonable condition, with just minor flaws. The detailer will buff the car with a finishing compound and then a sealant should be applied at this point. It should take around three and five hours, according to the size of the vehicle to finish a stage 3 final polish.

How Much Is Paint Correction?

These costs are approximations since every car is unique. The following factors will impact the ultimate price.


A costly price tag will accompany a huge, labor-intensive automobile.


Scratches and damage will need more labour and resources. Your vehicle’s condition will directly impact the quantity of work required.


Your expectations for the automobile will influence the ultimate product and pricing.

PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 2


Stage 1 Paint Correction

From $660

Involves using a light compound/polish to remove/reduce defects such as swirling, scratches, holograms (marks left behind from incorrect polishing technique) water spot etching, bird dropping etching. By levelling these defects, clarity and gloss is greatly improved. This is suited mainly for lighter colour cars. A full day is required.

Stage 2 Paint Correction

From $1,200

Involves a heavier compounding stage first, to achieve greater correction, followed by a polishing/finishing stage to refine further, increasing clarity and gloss. Most darker coloured cars require a stage 2. Two full days are required.

Stage 3 Paint Correction

From $1,800

Involves heavy compounding first, then an intermediate step of heavy polishing/refining and then a final stage of further refining/finishing. This is generally for vehicles with heavy defects present, or those looking for the highest level of perfection and show car finish for their paintwork. At least 3 days is required.


Do new cars need paint correction?

It is a frequent believed that a brand-new car does not need paint correction since the paint is factory-fresh. Detailers will always utilise the quickest and most cost-effective method to prepare the vehicle from factory, which always results in flaws.

What is a multi-step paint correction?

Multiple-stage paint correction is comprised of re-levelling, revitalisation, and restoration. At Professional Touch Detailing, the removal of swirl marks, fine to deep scratches, water spots, bird dropping etchings, and other paint defects is accomplished via the use of high-tech equipment tope end products, as well as our expertise and experience. Our speciality is restoring your automobile’s paint to a state superior to new, displaying a clean and smooth surface.

Is it easy to cut and polish the clear coat with a paint correction?

Yes. In the polishing step, a granular cutting substance is used. When utilising an electric polisher, the polish liquid or paste is uniformly distributed across the painted surface of the automobile, causing friction to cut through the clear layer. Various grit levels of polishers are available; some fill a scratch while others remove the clear layer until the scratch is eliminated.

How Much Is Car Detailing?

The cost of detailing varies, depending on the service chosen by the car owner. Car detailing costs also depends on the size of your car. Cost may be a significant element, but it is not the only one to consider. You should collaborate with a detailing company you can rely on to care for your car appropriately. Professional Touch Detailing is the place for you!


PAINT CORRECTION At Professional Touch Detailing In Airport West, VIC. 2

If you want to remove these imperfections in your vehicle, paint correction at Professional Touch Detailing is the right place. It will add a shiny appearance to your car and prolong the lifetime of your vehicle. At Professional Touch Detailing, we use superior methods and highly qualified detailers to keep your vehicle in tip top shape! Call us at 0410 574 682 to book an appointment now!