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What Can We Do To Maintain The Lifespan Of Ceramic Coating?

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You paid a lot of money for a new car and want it to look nice for many years to come. However, if your car’s paint is not properly maintained, it will progressively fade over time. A ceramic coating is a great way to keep your vehicle gleaming for years! This article by Professional Touch Detailing in Airport West, VIC, will tell you more about how to take care of your car after having a ceramic coating applied!

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What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating?

Chemical and etching resistance

Chemical stains created by naturally acidic contaminants in the environment put your car at risk. Ceramic coatings form a chemically resistant surface that prevent pollutants from clinging to the vehicle’s paint.

Ease of Cleaning

Ceramic coatings reject water because they are hydrophobic. Water will bead and easily glide off the exterior of an automobile with a hydrophobic ceramic coating. This means that dirt and mud will have a harder time clinging to your automobile’s paint, and pollutants will be easier to remove when you wash it.

UV and oxidation resistance

If a car’s paint is repeatedly exposed to the sun, it will oxidize, becoming dull and faded. Ceramic coatings reduce oxidation by shielding a vehicle’s paint from UV rays from the sun.

Gloss enhancement

A good quality ceramic coating will make your paint stand out with a sparkling sheen. Ceramic coatings increase the reflection of your vehicle’s paint and clear coat, adding depth and clarity.

What Can We Do To Prolong The Lifetime Of Ceramic Coating?

Depending on the type and brand, your ceramic coating can last from two to five years if properly cared for. The robustness of a vehicle’s exterior is one aspect that determines the durability of ceramic coating.

Once having your car ceramic coated, it’s important not to wash it and to keep it dry for at least 7 days. This amount of time allows the layer to cure your vehicle’s surface properly. After the first week, you should clean your automobile at least twice a month to avoid contaminant buildup.

Here are some washing suggestions for your ceramic coated vehicle to keep it in good shape!

  • Avoid employing a self service car wash on your vehicle. The vehicle’s finish will be damaged, and minor scratches may appear. Brushes used in automated vehicle washes are highly abrasive and may introduce contaminants into the paintwork.
  • Hand cleaning is advised, and direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • Maintain frequent vehicle cleaning. Because of the ceramic coating, your car will not become filthy as quickly, but you should still clean it regularly to reduce contaminant collection.
  • Clean any contaminants from the car paint as quickly as possible, such as bird droppings, tree sap, or bug debris.
  • Use a pH balanced, mild vehicle wash soap designated for professional car washing. Because the coating’s natural hydrophobic characteristics resist water based grime and pollutants, you don’t need to employ a heavy duty car wash. Aggressive chemicals will harm the vehicle’s ceramic coating and paint finish.
  • We recommend cleaning the car using the two bucket method after applying a ceramic coating. To do this, fill one bucket with the washing solution and leave the second bucket empty to rinse the wash mitt between uses.
  • Using a microfiber towel, thoroughly dry the automobile. These towels absorb minute particles, bacteria, and germs while drying quickly.

Will Ceramic Coating Fail If It Rains Within Seven Days?

Regardless of whether the water is rain or tap water, contaminants will destroy the cross link connections before they can fully develop. In many cases, this might lead to early coating degradation. As a result, cleaning and driving in the rain are not advised during the first week after application.

Professional Touch Detailing in Airport West, VIC, is the perfect place for providing superior ceramic coating services. At Professional Touch Detailing, we only use high quality products to protect your car’s paint from environmental factors! For more information about ceramic coating services at Professional Touch Detailing, please call us at +61 410 574 682 or visit our shop at 30 Moore Rd, Airport West VIC 3042, Australia. Book your appointment today!

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